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Altek Italia Design

Дизайнерское рабочее место Дизайнерское рабочее место

Altek Italian Design is a young Italian manufacturing company dedicated to the study of innovative and original furniture for domestic and work places and for all the common areas.

The company reflects the heritage of four generations, which have been involved since 1920 in the production of furniture and in the supply of interior design services.

The passionate study and dedication in developing exquisite Italian design products has been the reason for the success of Altek Italia Design.

The high reputation gained in the international arena has led the company to work with over forty Countries all over the World. The product itself and the services it offers are the result of a continuous dialogue between architects and designers who are studying every day what it means to live and work in environments that need to be practical as well as pleasant, representing an efficient investment too.

The desire is to offer products where creativity and design are free expression, thanks to that unique feeling and manufacturing experience gained through decades of work.

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